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Are you fit for working online around the globe?  You need to succeed virtually with your communication and leadership skills? CultureWaves offers online training and supports international organizations who want their employees and teams to collaborate more effectively. We understand the challenges of working at a distance with international clients, colleagues and suppliers. You bring your subject matter expertise, language skills and professional experience. We help you to further develop your intercultural communication and leadership competence to increase performance in the virtual space.

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Digital Leadership

Which worldwide training programs make most sense for you, your executives and colleagues? Programs that have an immediate impact on your set of leadership skills and methods, which are easy to access and so inspiring that your managers don’t want to miss a session. Whether you need more agility, courage, higher team performance, mindfulness and health awareness, our innovative digital leadership development programs will qualify your managers for the digital era. Our virtual facilitators and producers ensure that each training session has a high degree of interactivity and engagement.

Virtual Training

How costly and time-consuming can it be for you to join face-to-face meetings and trainings with colleagues based in different countries? Virtual meetings can be highly effective and motivating if well designed, facilitated and lead. We customize engaging and interactive virtual training according to your needs. Just imagine you need to negotiate with clients in India, train employees in China or convince suppliers in the USA … You want to be well prepared. We can provide hands-on virtual intercultural training for more than 80 target cultures on short notice and make sure they match your current professional context. CultureWaves is looking forward to advising you on our online training.

Virtual Coaching

Do you have a busy schedule, travel a lot or the coach who can best support you is far away? No problem: our coaches support you virtually around the globe in any time zone. Challenges like taking over a new leadership role and responsibility in turbulent times, leading employees based in other countries or performance issues might be relevant themes.


Do you want to take responsibility for your own learning journey and be flexible with timing, duration and level of details? In addition to coaching and training we can offer you e-learning and blended learning tools to further develop your intercultural competence, culture specific awareness and knowledge to manage multicultural teams. Benefit from the quality of our online training, e-learning and blended learning services!

We are looking forward to advising you! You can reach us by phone +49 (0)2227 908 6252 or

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About CultureWaves – and our online training expertise

CultureWaves has been supporting organisational change as a result of ‘going international’ for nearly 20 years. The consultancy company was founded by Christine Wirths. With its multicultural team of 120+ dedicated consultants and network partners CultureWaves offers a wide range of services to corporate clients and organizations focusing on international leadership development, intercultural collaboration, virtual team work and change management.

We look back on a broad experience of helping our clients from varied industries such as automotive, banking, energy, industry, IT, aerospace, engineering, food, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, textile, insurance, etc. with customized solutions.

Let us support you with our extensive practical know-how and expertise. We are looking forward to hearing from you.